Kaitlyn Jakola recently finished a Bachelor of Science in Journalism at Northwestern University. Born in West Palm Beach, Florida, Kaitlyn grew up throughout the southern and midwestern United States as the family followed her father’s U.S. Army assignments. Her work at Northwestern included both academic projects and participation in campus publications focusing on entertainment, athletics, news, social justice, and LGBT rights.

In 2010, Kaitlyn traveled to Otjiwarongo, Namibia, with Refugee Lives, a Medill School of Journalism initiative to accurately report the lives of the world’s refugees. In 2011, she worked at the Medill Cherubs program, a six-week institute teaching high school students about journalism in a collegiate setting. During the spring of 2012, she moved to Seattle, Washington, to work at a regional newspaper called The Kitsap Sun. That June, she was selected as editor in chief of The Daily Northwestern, the only daily paper covering NU and Evanston news, after serving on staff for three years.

Since graduation, Kaitlyn has worked as an editorial intern at Chicago magazine, covering culture for print and web, and as a Contributing Editor at Autostraddle, a queer feminist website. She hopes to continue contributing to publications that seek to close the gap between media producers and consumers — that is, to bring journalism to its readers during their normal daily routine, including via social media and blogging platforms.

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